Starlink Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty you offer with your Starlink installation service ?

All our Starlink installations come with 5 years warranty.

Does Starlink Kit come delivered with a roof mount suitable for a concrete tile/corrugated iron or asphalt shingles roof installation ?

No, Starlink kit does not come with a roof mount that suits a concrete tile/corrugated iron or asphalt shingles roof. Starlink is supplied with flat surface mountin base. Out installer will supply a NZ made galvanized steel roof mount (hinged base and telescopic stays) that deliverers a quality roof installation of your Starlink dish.

How do you install the Starlink system

Our technicians are all ex SKY TV technicians with a lot of experience in installing satellite dishes and running cables. First, our technician will run a reception test to find to most suitable and discreet location for your Starlink dish. Then technician will discuss that with you and ask your approval to install dish at the proposed location. Also, technician will explain how the internal cabling is done. Usually the Starlink dish will be installed on very solid roof mount on the roof. We supply and install a solid galvanized steel roof mount with a hinged base, 42mm galvanized steel pipe (800m pipe) with two stays to stabilize the mount. Dish is then attached to the roof mount with special designed brackets. The Starlink cable is then run internally, inside the roof space, via wall cavity to your desired location. Then the Starlink router is installed and configured to work right away.

Does the Starlink router come with an Ethernet Port ?

No, Starlink router does not have an Ethernet port. If you require an Ethernet port you have 2 options:

Option 1: Order an Ethernet adapter from Starlink Shop. It might take a while for the adapter to arrive as you must place a separate order for it via online shop. The adapter is only sold by Starlink (proprietary cable).

Option 2 : Ask our technician to supply and install a Wireless Station Bridge. A Wireless Station Bridge is a device that connects to your Starlink WiFi and gives you 4 x Ethernet Ports. All our techs carry this device with them and that means you can have it all done at the time of installation.

Can your installer connect my existing wifi boosters to the Starlink router ? I have quality wifi boosters around my property and I would like to keep using them with Starlink router

Yes, our technician can definitely do that for you. We can either use your Ethernet adapter (if you bought one from Starlink shop) or, if you don't have an ethernet adapter available, our technician can supply and install a Wireless Station Bridge with 4 Ethernet ports that allows you to connect your entire home network to the Starlink router

Can you supply and install WiFi boosters for me ? I need to cover my whole property with quality wifi signal.

Yes, our technician can definitely do that for you. We supply and install high quality reliable wifi boosters for indoor and outdoor installations.

Can you connect my minor dwelling (300 meters away) and my Shed (500 meters away) to the Starlink system ?

Yes, our technician can definitely do that for you. We offer Point To Point WiFi solutions that allows you to do that.

I would like to share my Starlink internet with my tenants (they live in my minor dwelling 150 meters away from main house). I would like to separate their wifi from my wifi and have full security on my network. Is that possible ?

Yes, our technician can definitely do that for you. It is required that we install a point to Point WiFi solution on a v-Lan security component. That means you can share your Starlink internet with your tenants and they cannot see your home network even if traffic is going via the same gateway.

I would like to connect a Landline to my Starlink system. Is that possible ?

Yes, our technician can definitely do that for you.That can be done on site at the time of installation. We offer a very reliable VoIP system that works very well with Starlink. You can use your old phone or we can give you a new phone. You can bring your existing landline number over or we can give you a new landline number. Everything can be done at the time of installation at your place. Just ask the technician to install a landline for you. Landline cost is : $ 10.00 + GST per month for a basic line  or $ 25.00 + GST per month with all calls (New Zealand and Australia landlines and mobiles) included in price.

I am running a business from home. Do you have a VoIP cloud PBX solution that works with Starlink? I have 2 main lines and 6 extensions. Is that possible with Starlink ?

Yes, that definitely can be done. Our business project manager can get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in detail and plan a Cloud PBX VoIP installation for you. 

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