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We are experts in Point To Point WiFi extensions

We offer Point To Point WiFi solutions that work with Starlink service. Starlink is high quality, very reliable Internet Service and offers enough bandwidth and speed so you can extend the wifi to other dwellings within your property. For example you can extend your wifi to reach your sleepout or your workshop/garage or your shed. We can extend your Starlink WiFi anywhere within your property as long as we have a clear line of site with the location.

How we do our Point to Point WiFi Installations

We use Ubiquiti products that allows radio communications in the 5 GHZ spectrum on distances up to 2 km. A Point to Point WiFi installation acts like a virtual cable. Speeds are preserved and reliability is great. Our Point to Point WiFi installation are remotely managed via our cloud portal.

For WiFi Signal re-lay at the remote location we use Dual Band Access Points (either Ubiquiti or Grandstream).

We also offer a number of network security options. In some cases clients would like to separate the main house wifi from the minor dwelling wifi (isolate traffic). We offer v-Lan solutions for wifi.

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